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A dog and cat playing outdoors

Minor Surgery For Dogs and Cats

A black lab with a ball

Here at Gold Canal Veterinary Urgent Care, we offer a limited selection of surgical options should the need arise for your pet. Our staffing and equipment make us capable of repairing less-severe injuries by performing minor surgical procedures. However, some more serious wounds do require the services of an emergency facility.

What We Do:

  • Laceration repairs
  • Foxtails
  • Bite wounds
  • Fish hook removals

What We Don’t Do: (And would require a trip to the Emergency vet)

  • Any abdominal surgeries (under the skin or on internal organs)
  • Remove anything ingested that is making your pet ill or unwell
A kitten sleeping in a shoe

The Surgery Process

When your pet needs surgery, our process is comprehensive with a total focus on your pet’s vitals and well-being. We monitor your pet through the entire procedure—all the way through to their waking up.

During surgery, the pet is monitored the whole time by registered technicians. We use state-of-the art monitoring equipment similar to what you would find in a human urgent care facility. We also provide warm devices to assist with your pet’s comfort.

After surgery, or post op, we provide a secluded recovery area for your pet. We continuously monitor your pet post-anesthesia to ensure a safe and a smooth recovery. When you return, we provide after-care instructions for continued recovery. If needed, our in-house pharmacy can minimize the stops for aftercare pet medication.

A full surgery report will be sent to your veterinarian so you can follow up with your pet’s primary doctor.

Call our practice right away if you are unsure if your pet is experiencing a veterinary emergency. We can help determine if they should be seen by a veterinary emergency facility, or if we can help with their minor but urgent needs.